Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

Has the WordPress world gone weird on us? You tell me:

  • Rosie O’Donnell has a blog and it’s powered by WordPress.
  • Kevin Smith has a blog and it’s powered by WordPress.
  • One would think that the German WikipediaWikimedia site would be powered by, you know, Wiki software. Nuh-uh. That’s right, it’s powered by WordPress.
  • Last of all, the WP Development Blog has word that WordPress has been mentioned in Popular Science.


Blogger Autosave Function

Now this is cool. Blogger has apparently implemented an “auto-save” function for blog posts, meaning that if you’ve composed something at work and forgotten to save it as a draft or if your browser crashes in the middle of a composition, you can simply restore your post from the last auto-saved version.
Matt has indicated that he’s wanted to do something similar for WordPress for a while. I’d like to heartily endorse this notion. Maybe for WP 1.6?

Further Site Updates

Since the backup/restore process appears to have slightly b0rked my WP install, I am going to be performing some site maintenance today. This will entail disabling all of my installed plugins (except for SpamKarma, of course) and moving quite a few files around. In accordance with that, I will be moving the site over to a more simplistic theme in order to accomodate the move.
Once again, thanks for your understanding.

Inaugural Philly WordPress Meetup

Philly WordPress Crew
The Philly WordPress crew (Left-to-right): Maurice (Mo), Ryan, Yours’ truly, Andrea and Owen.

Artsy.The inaugural Philly WordPress Meetup was held yesterday at Fergie’s Pub in Center City Philadelphia. A good time was had by all (as Andrea and Ryan have already attested to). We talked about WordPress and the direction it’s going, what we’d like to see it capable of, etc. We talked about blogging in general – where we first started blogging, how we like our current hosting providers and IIS vs. Apache, to name a few topics. The conversation drifted to operating systems, gratuitous OS eye candy, Linux usage and a whole host of other topics. Cheese fries were enjoyed in abundance and I must admit enjoying to a pint of Yuengling draft. Mmmm.
It looks like next month’s meetup is again slated to be held at Fergie’s so if you’re a Philly-area blogger, please consider joining the fun. I’ll try to be there, but I think I’m taking the train in next time (beats paying $12 for stinking parking. What does Philly think it is, New York City or something now?).

WordPress, Incorporated

Exciting news on the WordPress front: Not only has version 1.5 surpassed 100,000 downloads, but, apparently, WordPress, Inc. has officially been formed.
Let’s just hope that they don’t go the Six Apart direction and suddenly find the need to close source WP. (Not that any of their previous behavior would show a willingness to go this route. Their dedication to Open Source philosophy and goals when it comes to the WordPress project is admirable in the extreme).

WordPress Review On Newsforge

WordPress 1.5 scored a glowing review over at NewsForge today, with author Chris Lynch labeling it “open source as it should be done”. High praise indeed.
Personally, I’ve really enjoyed my WP experiences and am eternally grateful to all the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into a free (as in speech and as in beer) product.

WordPress Mass Migration Continues

A few stories to note on the WordPress front:

  • Tuomas Kuosmanen (better known in the Linux/GNOME community as “tigert”, developer of the gimp and various other GNOME-related software) has upgraded his blog to WP 1.5 (and given it a glowing review in the process).
  • The developers of Cerberus Helpdesk (the helpdesk product we’ve been using at work, to great effect) have started a WP-based blog to keep the Cerberus user community up-to-date on CH-related development.
  • Another GNOME developer, Jamin, has moved from MovableType to WordPress 1.5 and has come away mighty impressed.

I think the MT developers seem to have shot themselves in the collective foot by changing their licensing scheme. I’ve noticed quite a few blogs very publically migrating away from MT and to WP (the fact that WP near-flawlessly imports old MT content is a big plus) and this accelerating trend could be very bad news for Six Apart.