Safari AdBlock: ‘Bout Time

Safari AdBlock
Firefox users have had access to AdBlock Plus for ages, allowing them to cruise the Web virtually ad-free. Well, no longer do they have a monopoly on the goodness, for Safari AdBlock (Safari 3/Leopard-only) has been released. It’s an easy install and catches pretty much all ads, at least in my thus-far limited testing.
Now if only there were a Camiblock that worked for Camino 1.5+…

Eating My Own Dogfood (In A Good Way)

Sorry for the lack of posting. Not only has work been crazy, but I’ve also been burning the minutes on my freshly-received iPod Touch, thanks to Matt Mullenweg and the iPhone contest. WPhone been berry berry good to me. *grin*
Oh, did mention that this is my first official post from the Touch? Whee!

We Only Scored A ‘6.0’ From The Russian Judge

…But still managed to pull out a win in the WordPress iPhone Content contest. Matt Mullenweg announced the results on the wp-hackers mailing list today.
Stephane, Viper and I are super psyched about the win. Our congratulations also go out to Dan and Jared whose entry garnered them some great plaudits as well.
I’ll be claiming an iPod Touch, myself, as the $60/month service charges at&t are levying for iPhone access plans are a bit steep at this point.
Besides, I’m holding off for an Android phone. *grin*

It Is Here, Thus I Shall Not Be

Awww yeah. Our copies arrived at work this morning — this is my first official post from a newly-Leopardized Mac Pro. I’m about to give Bootcamp a spin and my Applications folder is near-pristine, so I’ve lots of work to do.
Onward, upward and Leopard.

Raincheck-Cashin’ Time

Time for another mega-sized link dump courtesy of Y.T.
Important things first: Capcom is producing a sequel to Bionic Commando for the next-gen consoles. Awesome. I loved the original NES title, even though its callous lack of save codes or battery backup made it impossible to finish under my parents’ old “only 1 hour per day” limitation on all things Nintendo… (Official site is here, if you’re interested.)
Mac OS Leopard has a ship date, finally: 10/26. Why not glance at the list of 300+ new features Apple has helpfully compiled to help you pass the time?
You may have seen the spectacular explosion of a life-sized X-Wing fighter, but are you sure you’ve gotten the whole story? Here’s the video The Empire doesn’t want you to see:

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Happy Thorstag Omibus!

It’s that time again — time to sum up a few days’ worth of browsing in a single, massive post.
Richard Scarry 1963 vs. Richard Scarry 1991, a study in the P.C. Police.
Oops. Somebody’s getting fired, so fired:

A less than… glowing review of Halo 3, featuring a wicked Australian accent and a healthy dose of cursing (i.e., very NSFW language). Not for the faint of heart.
The award for “Stupidest Name For A digg Competitor” goes to
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Did Anyone Else Get 33% More Likely To Buy An iPhone Yesterday?

Okay, so y’all did see the coverage of Apple’s little shindig yesterday where they announced

  • New iPod Nanos with screen rezzes equivalent to the iPod Video
  • iPod “Classics” featuring 80GB and 160(!)GB capacities
  • The friggin’ iPod “Touch”, otherwise known as “iPhone Without The Phone Part”
  • And a $200 drop on the iPhone’s previously astronomical pricetag

…Cause, dang, son, those are some sexy new audioplayer options. I do think they should have offered a third Touch model with a regular HDD instead of flash so that there was at least a 30GB option for that super-sweet piece of technology, but oh well.
Oh, and there was some folderol about being able to make ringtones out of your iTunes purchases, but I (among others) don’t quite see what all the fuss is about that.
And there was something about overpriced coffee to go with your overwrought pop music, but I kinda quit paying attention at that point.
PS: Congrats to the team, as they hosted Gizmodo’s live coverage of the Stevenote with aplomb, skipping nary a beat.

Skitch Invites (5 Of ‘Em)

There’s a nifty new app out for the Mac called Skitch — it’s a bit hard to describe, but the demo video on the Skitch site does a decent job of doing so. Basically, it’s a screen capture/markup tool with a distinct Flickr, et al. aspect to it.
I managed to snag a beta invite and 5 extra invites, so if you’re interested in grabbing an advance copy, just leave a comment in the comments section of this post. First come, first served!

This Town Needs An Enema

This town…Those that know me best know that I am no fan of Philadelphia Mayor John Street’s persona, politics or ethics, but I must object to the current “mini-scandal”
brewing as just plain stupid.
Here’s the situation:
John Street (D, Philadelphia) is a bit of a gadget hound. He wanted an iPhone and so decided to wait outside of an AT&T store, starting at 3 am Friday morning. When people started arriving later in the day, they noticed Street and began heckling him, claiming he should be off conducting the business of the city, etc., to which Street responded by raising his Blackberry and noting that he had handled tens of emails and phone calls flawlessly from the line. Other meetings and the heckling eventually forced Street to abandon his place in line and have a subordinate continue waiting for the iPhone. Street eventually got his iPhone, thanks to the diligence of his aide.
The local media and blogs are in a tizzy, claiming the city is in a “crisis” and that Street exhibited near malfeasance by waiting in line for a few hours. This is balderdash. John Street does not roam the streets of Philadelphia single-handedly wrestling gun criminals to the pavement, busting up drug cartels and handing out parking tickets. He’s the mayor, and, as such, he delegates the day-to-day affairs to others more capable (well, in theory, that is) and thus makes command decisions when necessary.
To fault the man for a few hours in line is simply scandal-mongering and is truly unfair. How else was Street to get ahold of the device? If he had forced an aide to wait from the beginning, his critics would accuse him of misusing city staff for his own personal ends. If he had called the AT&T store and asked for an iPhone to be set aside, he would have been accused of strong-arming a retailer and seeking special privileges. Instead, he sought to personally acquire the device.
His critics should be ashamed of themselves. Give the guy a break and let him enjoy a few moments of peace and leisure — Heaven knows those are in short supply in the Philly city government.

I Wish I Had $600 “Revolutionary” Dollars To Spend On The “Revolutionary” iPhone

I know that Apple always does things a bit differently than their competitors, but the 20 minute iPhone tour they posted today should simultaneously put every single other cell phone company 1) on notice and 2) to shame.
Can you imagine how different people’s experiences with Treos, Qs and Pearls would be if Palm, Motorola and RIM took the time to produce such simple-yet-effective rundowns of their respective devices’ ins and outs? What if the big M actually had a website showing me how to turn off my Q’s radio so that I could play solitaire at 30,000 feet and thus reduce the chances of fouling my transport’s comm systems?
$600 is an awful lot of money, but everything in that video makes me want an iPhone all the more. It looks as though they have addressed nearly every single long-standing nit and annoyance that anyone that has had the misfortunepleasure of dealing with cell phones in the past. It will certainly be interesting to see how Motorola, Nokia, et. al. respond in the months to come.
This thing is going to be big.