It’s Already Been “Brought-en”

I admire Pres. Bush’s chutzpah with regard to the Iraq situation. Heck, I even think that he and his administration have the right idea with the flypaper methodology. There’s just one potentially fatal flaw to all of this that I haven’t heard anyone mention: from now on, Bush’s opponents could conceivably blame him for every future casualty we incur in Iraq. It potentially could turn in to a real issue for the Democrats (“Why, if Bush hadn’t said that idiotic thing, our boys would be coming home in choppers, not in plastic bags!”).
Then again, perhaps I should have greater faith in the intelligence of the average American voter.

What The…?

Just noticed this over on the Corner: Bushenstein.
What in the bloody blue blazes are the Dems thinking? It’s not witty, it’s not original, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of “insightful”. What it is is extremely enlightening. It reinforces (for me, at least) the utter obsession that the Dems have with Bush. They just can’t stand the fact that he won in 2000. I’m wondering what it’s going to take to make them realize just how out of touch they are with everyone but their left-wing barking moonbat core constituency.

Has The World Gone Mad?

Oh…my…gosh. I can’t believe what I just witnessed on CNN/HN. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN’s medical correspondent) did a mini-piece on a recent study showing that only 11% of “backpack-related injuries” actually affect the back itself. The majority are actually head injuries.
Now, this might seem innocuous enough, but he concluded with a statment that ran thus: (I’m paraphrasing here)

Even though backpack-related back injuries are not that common, children should still be taught proper backpack usage and proper backpack safety.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, or maybe our society has gone completely insane. “Proper backpack usage”? Wow.
I can just see the Health class segment that NJEA is developing for next year’s curriculum. Sheesh.

CNN Mixed Messages

While watching the CNN Headline News feed here at work, I was struck by how they’re starting to get some thing right, and yet are so far off base in many other ways.
A CNN reporter was giving a rundown of the events in Israel in the past two days and referred to two Hamas “militants” killed in Apache missile strikes as “victims” of the Israeli action. It almost made me vomit. Hamas… victims? I can’t even put my fury on that point to words.
However, this particular reporter then referred to the Apache strikes as “retaliation for Sunday’s killing of four IDF soldiers”. First time I’ve seen/heard any MMT (Mainstream Media Type) actually refer to these strikes in their proper context.
*sigh* Close, but no cigar, CNN.

Wachowski Brothers: Pali-Sympathizers?

Today’s bleat by James Lileks noted something very, very interesting. Note the screenshot from The Animatrix. Remind you of anything? Bueller?
(Hint: Mohammed al-Dura)
Okay, so that’s not a hint, it’s bleedin’ giving away the keys to the story. Sue me.
But here’s the question: was the imagery intentional? Did the Wachowski brothers ask their animators to draw in comparisons to al Dura?

Stoners’ Paradise

My wife and I were out late tonight, having just come from a trip to Sam’s Wee, Not-So-Wee, and Friccin’ Huuuge Club and a brief(!) stop at my parents’ house. We hadn’t bothered to stop for dinner in all the craziness, so it was with growling stomachs that we pulled up to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. The clock in the Blazer read 10:56. We ordered two quarter pounder w/cheese meals and pulled around to get our order. I handed the gent at the window the requisite money. He turned around briefly, spoke to someone “offstage”, then turned around and handed me my money back. “This one’s free, on us. We just want to get home” said he. “Oh, and it’ll be just a minute before we can get you your order. The fries are still cooking”.
Free McD’s and piping hot fries to boot? Score!
Needless to say, the three lb. box of Raisin Bran stared disapprovingly at us from the back seat. But screw ’em! Those freaky claymation soul singers never gave me free fries at 11pm.


A note to all NPR execs that may be reading this blog: I really, really, really detest your Beg-a-Thons. Yesterday, I actually listened to five minutes of static on the AM dial in order to avoid listening to lame jokes, phones ringing, barely concealed desperation and the “Bing!” that accompanies all online donations. If there were a station that played audio from car wrecks 24/7, I might very well have tuned in to that to avoid Dubbya Aitch Why? Why?
That is all.

Matrix Musings

Saw The Matrix Reloaded yesterday afternoon. Now, this may be heresey, but, with the notable exception of the excruciatingly-long Brown People Rave In The Cave/Let’s See How Many Times We Can Show Keanu and Carrie Ann’s Nasty Subdermal Implants In A Single Sex Scene portion, I actually enjoyed TMR better than the first.
I found it to be more philosophically challenging than the first, rather than the “less” most reviewers/commentators seem to be assigning it.

New Baghdad Hotness

Did you hear the newest joke going around Baghdad these days? It goes something like this:

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?