Philly Geek Awards 2012 On Vimeo

I attended the Philly Geek Awards two weeks ago and had a great time. (If you don’t blink, you can see me in the background sporting my kilt at a couple of moments in the video above.) I was there representing WordCamp Philly for Local Event of the Year (we didn’t win, alas). If you […]

CLANG: A Worthy Kickstarter From Neal Stephenson

Respect Stephenson: the man’s a true geeks’ geek. (I agree with @gruber: you must watch the video for the full effect.) Might this be the first Kickstarter that I end up contributing to?

Imperial Fleet Week San Francisco

Nerd-tastic: p5rn7vb

Tweet Fulfillment

There are days that I’m amazed by the Internet, and then there are days that it lives downup to my expectations. Take, for instance, a recent Tweet of mine in which I pondered I was quickly answered by Stephane, who pointed out the wonderfully-implemented and -documented iPod Shuffle RAID0 array. A few days thereafter, Slashdot […]

Just Call Me MacGyver: Systems Administrator

I’m working a bit late today as I had to schedule some downtime for a critical piece of hardware that needed to be powered down, lightly disassembled, have a part replaced and then powered back up. As I unscrewed the part to be replaced, I thought to myself “Boy, it’d sure stink if I dropped […]

1/2 Scale Panzer Tank Built By College Student

…Membership in fraternity mentioned in article. Color me surprised. *grin*

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