Philly Geek Awards 2012 On Vimeo

I attended the Philly Geek Awards two weeks ago and had a great time. (If you don’t blink, you can see me in the background sporting my kilt at a couple of moments in the video above.) I was there representing WordCamp Philly for Local Event of the Year (we didn’t win, alas). If you […]

CLANG: A Worthy Kickstarter From Neal Stephenson

Respect Stephenson: the man’s a true geeks’ geek. (I agree with @gruber: you must watch the video for the full effect.) Might this be the first Kickstarter that I end up contributing to?

Imperial Fleet Week San Francisco


Tweet Fulfillment

There are days that I’m amazed by the Internet, and then there are days that it lives downup to my expectations. Take, for instance, a recent Tweet of mine in which I pondered I was quickly answered by Stephane, who pointed out the wonderfully-implemented and -documented iPod Shuffle RAID0 array. A few days thereafter, Slashdot […]

Just Call Me MacGyver: Systems Administrator

I’m working a bit late today as I had to schedule some downtime for a critical piece of hardware that needed to be powered down, lightly disassembled, have a part replaced and then powered back up. As I unscrewed the part to be replaced, I thought to myself “Boy, it’d sure stink if I dropped […]

1/2 Scale Panzer Tank Built By College Student

…Membership in fraternity mentioned in article. Color me surprised. *grin*

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