Today’s Must-Listen: “Disaster” By MC Frontalot

Great track, but it’s mainly an opportunity to test out the new Spotify Play button.

Today’s Must-Listen: “Guero Salsero” By Jeremy Sole

It’s almost exactly what a “Burn Notice” bumper track should be, and I mean that in the best sense possible.

Elbee Elgee 1.3.7

Fire up your updaters, folks: I’ve released Elbee Elgee version 1.3.7. This is entirely a bugfix for regressions introduced in 1.3.6, namely:

  • Issues Fixed
    • Top-level drop-downs should now be styled correctly and consistently
    • Custom menus added as widgets should no longer get styling from top-level menus

So go ahead and grab it from the official repo or simply check under your Dashboard -> Updates.

Happy downloading!

Best Github Pull Request Ever

Pull Request #21_ As we discussed by jshirley · ericf_yui3-gallery

One More Bucket List Item — Checked Off

Responded to by Alton Brown.

I can die happier now.

Elbee Elgee 1.3.6 Released

Elbee Elgee

It’s official: I’ve shipped Elbee Elgee version 1.3.6. After trials and tribulations aplenty, it’s finally ready to go. Hit the official download page to grab a copy, or go to your Updates page to automatically upgrade.

While it would be tempting to call this a simple bugfix, there are several things to note. From the release notes:

  • Features Added
    • Greater CSS flexibility (selectors aren’t as specific, allowing for easier child theming)
  • Issues Fixed
    • BuddyPress “Load More” link in Activity streams actually, you know, loads more.
    • bbPress support updated for all the proper bbP hooks, so certain plugins that weren’t working before now POOF magically work again.
    • Default search results if nothing is found were… blank. D’oh! Fixed.
    • BuddyPress Groups widget AJAX now works to load groups on the fly.

So, download away and, as always, let me know if you run into any issues!

PS: Please, if you like my theme and/or find it useful, go to the official page and give it a rating — there’s only a single, solitary rating thus far. I’d be much obliged.

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