Doings And Goings-On

Things have been busy – very busy – over the last few days, hence my lack of posting.
First off, I was officially installed as an elder of my church this past Sunday. I had to give my testimony in brief (read: less than 5 minutes, a real chore, for those of you that know how much I love to talk… *grin*). I spent most of the weekend trying to pull together my testimony and condense the salient points into a mere 5 minutes and found myself utterly frustrated at every turn. Finally, around 11pm Saturday night, I threw my hands up in frustration and said “Well, God, I’ve got nothing. You’re going to have to do all the talking for me, ’cause my wit, insight, knowledge and natural abiliities aren’t going to cut it.”
Believe it or not, I actually walked to the front of the theater as I was about to give my testimony with no idea on what I was going to talk about. God completely stepped in and led me to talk on Acts 22 (which was the subject of our pastor’s sermon this week) and how Paul, under the Jewish law, was flawless. If anyone had a claim on “righteousness” and “zeal”, it was Paul, yet his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus revealed to him precisely how little any of that legalism matters to God. I talked about how, by way of my upbringing, I had a similar claim on church-y “righteousness” – son of a pastor, well-versed (no pun intended) in my Bible, I said all the right things, I did all the right things (well, for the most part…), and yet, as God has been leading me to see, all that means precisely bupkiss. I talked about the vision for our church that God has been laying on my heart and I talked about my excitement at being able to serve as an elder. God completely came through for me.
Secondly, I’ll probably be occupied for 95% of the work day for the next three days training a team member in Apple Open Directory Fu, so there likely won’t be much time for me to slip in any postings. “See” y’all Friday, most likely.

On To Plan B

My wife recently read a book outlining a decent spiritual/mental model to help one to deal with the ins and outs of daily life. The model goes as follows: Either the night prior to or the morning of a day (any day, really), mentally lay out and pray over your plans for the day, asking God for His help on any big issues that you think you might encounter. Label this view of the day ahead as “Plan A”. As you go about your day, note any deviations from that plan and consider them “Plan B”, placed there by God.
Today is definitely shaping up to be a “Plan B” day and it’s not even 11am. All ongoing projects have been set aside as our primary DB server decided to take a walk in the park. Poof! there goes “Plan A”. Onwards and upwards we go, on to Plan B!

Curse You, Co-Workers!

I could have gone an entire lifetime without ever thinking of Captain EO again, but noooooooo, you just had to bring up “that Michael Jackson ride at Disneyland” and I just had to go and look it up, lest not knowing the title of an ultimately forgettable 3D theme park attraction starring bleedin’ Michael Jackson drive me insane.

Blessed Be The TIES That Bind

Ahh, the perils of leadership and semi-public exposure.
I attended my mandatory ethics training session yesterday afternoon and noted, with some pleasure, that the format for the session has been changed from years past. The old written ethics case studies and follow-up questions have been replaced by a slickly-produced DVD featuring actors portraying the case studies with no little bit of panache and overacting. This is a welcome change and all well and good, but the DVD was introduced by two very senior corporate officials, both of whom committed what I consider to be a cardinal sin of pre-recorded presentations: they ignored proper dress code.
Said officials addressed the cameras from the refuge of mahogany-lined offices, dressed in fine silk pinstriped suits, every hair on their heads immaculately combed and placed. After all, these ethics introduction missives were intended to be viewed by every employee of the Corporation, world-wide. Everything was in place, with one hugely glaring omission: both officials’ ties were tied with only Half-Windsor knots. Not only that, but they were poorly-tied Half-Windsors, with the knots cocking the tails of the ties into offsets of 20-30° off-vertical. It might seem like a very simple thing, but it was darned distracting for yours’ truly. Here were two highly-trained, highly-paid corporate executives putting on a display for the entire company and they couldn’t be bothered to tie a proper tie knot. Both of their suit jackets were buttoned, meaning that the length concerns introduced by a Full Windsor were immaterial. It just smacked of unprofessionalism, of Bush leagueism, if that’s even a word (if it’s a novel coinage, you must credit me. *grin*).
I don’t know – maybe I’m weird, but that sort of stuff really bothers me.

Possible Site Outtage

Apologies for the lack of posts today – I was telecommuting and had my hands full with doctor’s appointments, childcare and of course, work. The good news from the orthopaedist is that my wife’s foot is almost entirely healed (her fourth metatarsal is still very much in the healing phase, primarily because she pushes herself too hard). It’s been a long six months, I can assure you.
There may be a slight outtage that some of you will notice over the next couple of days – my hosting company is going to move me off of my current server and onto one whose load doesn’t average in the high 5’s. This hopefully will make the site a fair sight peppier to view, but may cause some DNS propagation issues, meaning that some of you may be unable to reach the site for a few hours or more. As always, your patience is appreciated.

Bah, Says I

Apologies for the lack of posting – my primary workstation up n’ died on me today. I’m limping along on my ‘Doze box for the moment, hopefully soon to requisition a new machine.
To make up for the absence of posting, may I present Ask A Ninja, your one-stop-shop for a video podcast of a ninja answering common ninja-related questions emailed in by viewers. It’s surreal and weird enough that it’s as if the Homestar Runner guys went live-action and donned ninja masks.
Ninja! Pickup lines!

Well THAT Was Fun

Apologies for the light blogging as of late – when it rains, it pours.
First off, my wife began feeling under the weather in the afternoon while we were at my parents’ house and proceeded to feeling even worse as the day wore on, prompting us to an early exit. She awoke Monday morning with a full-blown case of what seemed to be the flu, or at least a nasty virus of some kind, which left her in such an incapacitated state that she asked me to stay home from work and assist with Will. Tuesday, I jumped to the conclusion that she was feeling better (a bad conclusion, that) and left her sleeping at home while I made my way into work. She called a short time later and asked that I come back home, so it was back to the ol’ homestead again. Fortunately, my boss has been very understanding and has allowed me to do a bit of telecommuting from home in order to not get completely behind on my work.
It’s funny, isn’t it? We men can make all sorts of statements about how “mothers have the most important job” and “motherhood is a tough job”, but I don’t think it fully hits home just how difficult of a job they do until we’re truly Left Alone With The Child – the precise situation I found myself in. It’s tough keeping a 6-month-old entertained, let alone trying to do work at the same time and trying to keep an eye on a sick spouse. It’s a good thing that women aren’t as big o’ babies as we men are when we’re sick or I think my household may have just been in total ruins at some point within the past 48 hours.
In any event, I returned to work yesterday, only to find that a power surge had torched one of the main transformers at our office building, leaving large swaths of the facility without power. Frantic phone calls and recriminations galore were made, solutions proposed, attempted and abandoned and tempers grew short. We’ve only (just now) had power fully restored, and it’s apparently due to a hackish temporary fix, meaning that we will probably see downtime building-wide at some time in the near future.
Hooray for older buildings and lost schematics! A line drawing, a line drawing, my kingdom for a line drawing!