New Beta Version (1.3.6-beta3) Of Elbee Elgee

For those of you encountering issues with BuddyPress and Elbee Elgee (particularly if you’ve encountered the “Won’t load any more activity when you click the ‘Load More’ link in Activity streams” bug), then have I got a zipfile for you!
Please grab it here and let me know if you run into any further problems.
Crick-don’t-rise, I’ll morph this version (1.3.6-beta3) into the full 1.3.6 release on the theme repository.

Elbee Elgee Support Omnibus

Howdy all.
I’ve been fielding a lot of support requests about various aspects of Elbee Elgee, but most of them have been via email, so I figured I would summarize said questions and their answers so that all can benefit.
You know — I made a FAQ *grin*
Check it out and let me know if there’s anything I missed.

Elbee Elgee Version 1.3.5 Released

For those of you with Elbee Elgee installed, you should be seeing an update to version 1.3.5 showing up in your “Dashboard -> Updates” shortly. This is a bugfix release intended to remove the div element in the header that is shaded to 50% opacity when users select “Display Text: no” in the Headers options.
Previously, the theme would incorrectly remove the header text but leave the 50% div in place, thus partially obscuring the left-hand portion of header images. This release fixes that.
If you’re the impatient type and want to grab it from the official repo page instead, that’s an option too.

Reach Out And Touch Someone

Apparently my contact form has been non-functional for a while. I finally figured out that it was due to the old contact form plugin I was using not working when Akismet (ptui!) is disabled.
So I rebuilt it from scratch and now you can recommence your comments, complaints, etc. with all due haste. *grin*

Elbee Elgee Version 1.3.4 Submitted To The Repository

I’ve fixed a little bug that cropped up in Elbee Elgee 1.3.3 and have submitted 1.3.4 for approval over at the Theme Repo (you can track the ticket here if you’d like).
The change is pretty simple, actually:

  • Version 1.3.4
    • Issues Fixed
      • Fixed CSS selector specificity oversight that caused active menu items to appear “invisible” in default ng.css styling.

Thanks to Mitka and Michael for pointing this bug out.
If you can wait, the fix should roll through in the next couple of days. If you can’t, I would advise the following:
Change line 167 in styles/ng.css from: a:active, a:hover {

to: a:active, a:hover,
#menu li.current_page_item a:link, #menu li.current_page_item a:visited, li.current_page_item a:link, li.current_page_item a:visited {