Ich Bin Sore

Attended a wedding on Saturday — it was fun, but “Jump On It” was played, and yea, there was Apache dancing.

Add a recurring cold into the picture and, to crib a phrase from Steve Jobs, I’m a bag of hurt this morning.

Should be an excellent week. *chuckle*

The Very Definition Of “Too Much Time On One’s Hands”

Sony’s forthcoming platformer/world-creation game LittleBigPlanet recently hit beta and folks the world over are giving a shot at designing wacky levels and contraptions. There have been some nifty, as well as tasteless (read: 9/11/01 recreations) levels made, but none, I repeat, none of them have even come close to the insanity of a full arithmetic adding machine:

Holy crow.

Here’s a quick vid that shows what some other creative folks have been creating using the in-game tools:

That almost makes me want to get a PS3.