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(By way of Extra Life.)

Literally Lyrical

What happens when you retool the lyrics to A-Ha’s “Take On Me” so that they describe what’s literally going on in the video? Brilliance!

(Barnyard reference to human posterior appears twice or so, but other than that, it’s okay.)

Please Hammer, Don’t Copy That Floppy


Sweet merciful crap.

Seasons’ Change

Regular readers will have noticed that updates have been, well, sporadic around these parts. There’s a very good reason for this: September 4th marked my 7th anniversary at my company; September 5th, I was offered a new job. Monday was my last day at my old company, which I’ve always declined to mention, as it just seemed prudent. (Let’s just call it Mock Seed Tartan.) Tuesday was my first day at the new place.

I’m excited to be working at Learning By Grace — I’ve been brought on as “Mr. IT”, platforms guy and hopefully will be able to help them make a transition from more of a startup mentality to one more focused on production and performance.

Leaving my previous job was definitely a hard decision, though primarily for one reason and one reason only: the people. Beyond Aron I had many, many friends there and I will miss each and every one dearly.

Hopefully my posting frequency will begin to go back up a bit as I get acclimated in my new surroundings. Thanks for the understanding.

And to those of you at ATL: thanks for 7 great years. I wish you all the success in the world.

I’m Not Dead Yet

I know it — I’m due for an update here. Maybe tomorrow.

All’s well, but busy.

Smells Like Tee… I… I Can’t Do it.

The coworker that forwarded me this is a dirty, treacherous, mouth-breathing slug of a man and Paul Anka is a war criminal who eats babies, at least if this is any evidence.

And yes, today is a Video Posting Day, if you couldn’t tell.

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