Cybernetic Change We Can Believe In

We’ve already noted the overt visual similarities between John McCain and Saul Tigh, but this weekend’s All-Sarah-Palin-All-The-Time Media Circus caused several observant bloggers (whose names/URLs I’ve unfortunately Cmd+W’d and thus are lost to the ether) to note a not dissimilar look between Laura Roslin and Sarah Palin. This, of course, forced me to roll out my Pixelmator and craft the following:

And yes, I’ve made shirts available for those so inclined.

(In the interests of full disclosure, after creating the above image, I noted that others appear to be thinking in the same general manner as I.)

CPU Vs. GPU, Mythbusters-Style

By way of Extra Life, we have this awesome (albeit scientifically suspect) demonstration of traditional in-order execution on CPUs vs. the multi-core/GPU massively-parallel execution that is the New Hotness:

Awesome, just awesome.

Just Covering The Bases

Bloomberg runs the obit for the still-alive Steve Jobs.

And no, he wasn’t eaten by wolves, nor has Zimbabwe invaded.


Imperial Fleet Week San Francisco


Wildly Inappropriate Bathroom Music Selections, August 2008 Edition

Thanks, WJJZ, for Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at 11:15 in the A.M. Nothing spices up a trip to the loo like that song, eh wot?

That’s Not Particularly Statesman-like, Senator Obama!

From CNN’s “breaking news” headlines area just now:

I mean, I know Joe Biden can be a bit of a bore at times, but adding insult to the whole not-choosing-him-for-Vice-President thing is just mean.

Heh. And the breathless press waits breathlessly for The One to breathily make His Veep Pronouncement.

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