Daniel Hannan: Doing The Job [GOP] Americans Won’t

Namely: calling out the President on his massive spending and the hideous fate that it will consign our children to:

Hannan for PM. Harrumph!

Hey, Cool, A New Commer… AUUUGH! THE CORN HAS EYES!

See also: Wars, Thumb for freaky-deeky use-of-faces-on-objects-that-shoudn’t-have-faces[*].

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You Got Go Kart In My Power Wheels!

Oh my. Oh my yes, there’s just so much right with this:

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Daddy/Will “Date”, March 2009

Will and I hopped a train to Philly and caught a Wings lacrosse game over the weekend. The Wings were playing the Minnesota Swarm.

Minnesota won, 13-12. W00t!

Attaboy, Atilla The AT-AT!

What to do with an oversized AT-AT toy? Why, pose it for pictures as though it were a cherished pet and then post the results on Flickr, of course! Awesome.

From The Dep’t Of Unintentional Hilarity

Red Hot And Hate

I don’t think the hiring committee really knows what it’s asking for on this one.

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. RedHate leads to a general dislike of humanity and root access.”

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