“Carlton! You… Shall Not… PASS!”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as interpreted by Sir Ian McKellen:

Too, too funny.

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WordPress Hg

I’ve really caught the Mercurial bug recently and have begun chewing coworkers’ ears off about its benefits. I’ve been looking into ways to integrate it into my WordPress-related efforts and, inspired by this recent post on the WP Devel blog announcing a github effort to make WP available via git, I decided to set up an Hg clone (haw!) of the core WordPress codebase.

It’s available here over on BitBucket and, unlike Nikolai’s effort (which only appears to track trunk), I started my clone at the root of the Subversion repository, meaning that all branches and tags are (theoretically) accounted for. I’m currently syncing the two repos by-hand but am working on an automated process that should push changes from the core WordPress SVN server to BitBucket fairly quickly.

I’ll post again later to demonstrate my full process for accomplishing this — it was astonishingly easy, to be honest.

In the meantime, get cloning!

Zee Pixels! Zay Are Comink!

That’s Some “Weird”, Wild Stuff

A bit of revisionist history, perhaps, but I can’t wait for the theatrical release!


Clever Post Title

Hyperbolic statement of praise! Overt statement requesting readership views video embedded above, delivered in interrogatory format.

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Okay, Go Watch This OK Go Video. RIGHT NOW.

I am utterly speechless. Yowsa.

Make sure to watch the making-of videos for this masterpiece.

Literal Barrage is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache